Monday, August 9, 2010

I Love The Noisy Plume

There is something so special about Jillian Lukiwiski's jewelry. The designs are gorgeous and the craftmanship is absolutely AMAZING. Buying a piece of jewelry is always fun and interesting. If you want a piece of Jillian's jewlery, you MUST sit by your computer and keep refreshing her etsy page. The second she lists anything, it sells!! Sometimes it goes so fast it never shows up listed. I've been lucky to "win" two pieces of her beautiful earrings: Circus earrings-Spanish Influenza
Specimen Earrings-Understanding the Sun
I have to say that she is my favorite jewelry designer, and I feel honored to own anything she makes.


  1. And I'm honored by your kindness:)

    Thank you so much for supporting me the way you do.

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  3. These are pretty--different, unique, and PRETTY! I'm all about pretty!