Friday, April 20, 2012

Wrap Stacked and Layered Challenge

I'm addicted to all kinds of jewelry, what can I say? Anything shiny, sparkly and pretty always catches my eye. I have to admit that bracelets are my weakness. I love to collect, make and buy them because they're so fun to wear and so versatile. I'm loving the layered look that is so popular right now, but there are so many different ways to wear them. On a daily basis you can always find my arm full of wrap and stretchy gemstone bracelets, so when I read about Tracy's wrapped, stacked and layered challenge, I knew I had to participate. I love all of these stretchy gemstone and charm bracelets. Not only were they fun to make, but they look amazing when all worn together!
Top picture from left to right:
Bracelet # 1-Jasper and sterling silver lotus leaf charm
Bracelet # 2-Chrysocolla with skull bead
Bracelet # 3-Pink gemstone with swarovski crystal beads
Bracelet # 4-Coral with sterling silver hamsa
Bracelet # 5-Goldstone with gold vermeil beads
Bracelet # 6-Sodalite with sterling silver leaf
Bracelet # 7-Yellow Jade with sterling silver charm
Bracelet # 8-Matte onyx beads with swarovski crystal rondelles
Bracelet # 9-Lapis with om charm
Bracelet# 10-Onyx and sterling silver
Bracelet# 11-Goldstone
Bracelet #12-White stone and gold vermeil beads
Bracelet # 13-Amethyst and Buddha bead
Bracelet #14-Onyx and sterling silver
Bracelet #15-Coral and sterling silver
Bracelet #16-Wood


  1. Those are great! Love those carved beads!

  2. Oh my, I think you have great fun each day mixing and matching. A wonderful collection!

  3. Very fun! I'm sure the stretchy component makes these so easy to wear and to stack! Love it!

  4. What a wonderful collection of mix and match bracelets to have. A thousand different combos to choose from.

  5. What a fantastic collection! You can mix and match to your hearts content!

  6. Wow, how much fun it would be to wear all those bracelets at once! This was a fun challenge, wasn't it!

  7. such a fun stack, since you work so much w/ elastic, any tips? size or brand of elastc? special knots? I am always worried my knots will slide out

    1. Thanks so much! I use stretch magic, triple knot, hide the knot in a bigger bead and glue both sides.

  8. Bangles all the way to the elbow! What fun! :)

  9. I love gemstones and those bracelets are all wonderful!

  10. Stretch bracelets are my weakness and round gemstone beads are perfect for stretch bracelets. Love how you dressed them with the charms! Great stack Missy! Thanks for playing along.


  11. Melissa,
    Love your bracelets they are all so very pretty with all the different colors and charms.

  12. Wonderful and colorful stacks. Great idea to use stretch cord. Makes it easy to put on and fun to mix up. All of yours go together so well.

  13. These are amazing and look so fun to wear toghether. Beautifully done

  14. Beautiful colors ... love the gem stones. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow! You have been busy! I love that I am now seeing the potential in stacking things. This is just a happy stack, I tell you! You can't help but smile when you are wearing it, I would guess! Enjoy the day! Erin

  16. So many colors so many strands and they all look wonderful together. Yummy gemstones!
    Terra Beadworks

  17. beautiful and eclectic! Love all the colors together!

  18. JUst love the glorious gemstones...job well done you!
    Beautiful little baby...and you too.

    cynthia @ Beatnheart

  19. Nice combinations! I love the charms too. xoxo Beth

  20. What a neat stack you made. The roundness and similar size of the beads in your stack seems to give it an almost elegant feel, though I'm sure the stack can be worn casually as well. Nicely done!

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