Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fun with Resin

Lately I've really liked adding charms to my jewelry, and I've been hunting online for different charms and pendants, and found some BEAUTIFUL ones that I loved. Many were really reasonably priced, but then there were some that were kind of pricey. With jewelry making, every little thing adds up such as: the focal bead, filler beads, chain, wire, clasp etc. I really do love buying artisan beads and pendants, but I decided that I might like to try something new and make my own. I went to Michael's to go buy the resin (for future reference, ask the sales people for epoxy NOT resin, or they will send you on a wild goose chase). I went home and excitedly tore through all my scrapbook papers. I picked some papers I thought would look nice, and I then added a couple charms in the bezels, and was ready to put in the resin. I mixed the solutions half and half and then took my daughters old medicine dropper and filled that with the resin. I carefully added enough resin to the bezels and came out with this!

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